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It is time to act!

by beautytipsandbs

Dearest Listeners,

It is no surprise that we are facing one of the most monumental events we might see in our lifetime. People are hurting, people are mad and they have every right to be!

This week we decided to pause and be muted to support #amplifymelanatedvoices.

This movement was created by @blackandembodied (On instagram) and @jessicawilson.msrd to create space for black voices and experiences. 

You might be asking, “What can I do?” 


Black Lives Matter

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Color Of Change

Support Black Businesses!

Here is a list of 35 Black Owned Etsy Shops.

A list of 32 Black Owned Beauty Brands.


Here is a link from Anti-Racist Researcher Victoria Alexander on books you can purchase to help learn more.

See it? Say it!

We all have a part in this, listen to how people speak. When you hear prejudice or something that is inappropriate, call them to the mat. Have difficult conversations, get uncomfortable. Lean in, and do the work. 

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