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Episode 78 – Hallowmonth is Here!

by beautytipsandbs

Our favorite month is finally here! Sadly we will not be in New Orleans this season, but to make up for it we have a big shows for you all month, full of all things Halloween.

Beauty news is a sexy one, and a sad day for Canada. We have a makeup contest kicking off today, with guest judge Lillian Fogel over on our Instagram. Kat is helping you find all the best in Halloween makeup for your at home or Zoom parties. Lastly SWB is a ‘biggins’, loaded with everything from new sheets masks to creating freckles your mom wouldn’t even question.

Grab a cold Pumpkin Ale and come hang out with us!

Halloween Makeup – What to buy and where to find it.

Ben Nye 
Skin Illustrator

FX Warehouse

PNTA (West Seattle)

Camera Ready Cosmetics

Nigel Beauty  

Naimies (in LA)


Makeup Forever

Check your local costume/ party supply shops (NO Not Halloween Express) but the mom and pop shops that have been serving communities for years. They usually have quality, obscure items that you can’t find elsewhere).

Did someone say Makeup Challenge? This week we are doing SKULLS. Does it need to be literal? No! Our guest judge, Lillian Fogel is a prime example of how to do an interpretation of the inspiration! Check out the post on Instagram, and dont forget to tag us to win a jam packed Beauty Box!

Shit we bought!

Freck Beauty coming through with the temporary freckles and moisturizer!

Lulu Lun Over 45 Sheet Masks and Cleansing Balm.

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