Home Business Episode 65 – The mother of all MLMs.

Episode 65 – The mother of all MLMs.

by beautytipsandbs

This week, nuzzle in with a cup of coffee, your dog and settle in for beauty story time! We dive deep into the history of one of the monumental MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies and bring to you the origin story of the OG of MLM – AVON. This episode is juicy, packed with crazy stories, our favorite products including shit we bought!

Avon Favs we definitely recommend:

Who doesn’t love Skin So Soft? (OK, I know not everyone loves it). Obviously the packaging has changed over the years, but it is still an all time favorite.

Quite a few episodes ago,
we talked about VDL Primer but
had NO idea that you could purchase this through AVON!

Need a blush? We recommend this cushion blush. Avon has 3 shades that are to die for. Our personal favorite is Coral.

How about highlighter? You know that with all these masks, skin is going to be all the rage! Remember, you dont need to limit highlighter to just your cheeks. Pop some on the brow bone, inner eye, bridge of the nose or on the upper cheek bones for some added glow.


Elemis Deep Cleansing Balm dissolves Makeup, Grime and pollutants for ALL skin types!

Gotta keep up on your new hair – this IGK Bouncy Blowout Cream blow out cream is wonderful for fine, processed hair.

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