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Episode 63 – Return of the 00s

by beautytipsandbs

What do head to toe denim, chunky highlights and cargo shorts make you think of?

Perhaps you are thinking your own current style but for most of us, these make up the symbolism of the early 2000s and like all bad pennies, it’s back baby.

The trends of the 00s have come back to haunt us one more time, like a bad night on Fireball we are here to walk you through it and hold your pony tail.

Beauty news is about product innovation, shit we bought will protect you and as always we have been up to some fun adventures we can’t wait to tell you about.

Each week we bring you the latest finds and best deals.
As two pro makeup artists, we get LOTS of discounts.
We know a deal when we see one.

Deal or No Deal?

Shit we bought!

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