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Episode 50 – Well hello, 50!

by beautytipsandbs

This is our 50th Episode!! Confetti, Champagne – we can’t believe it, and it’s all thanks to you! (and hard work, research, dedication and HOURS of bringing our favorites, our tested, tried and true product reviews, our best practices our fabulous guests, and your feedback have all helped up shape and grow this show bigger than we could have ever imagined! 2020 has already blown our minds and we can’t wait to share with you all the new products, news and stories we are gathering and experiencing. So thank you! Here’s to 50 more! 
Kat & Anne

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In honor of our 50th episode – we did a photo shoot (more to come….)

A HUGE thank you to Jenn Charkow of Stone Crow Designs for supplying us with BEAUTIFUL, locally made, eco friendly clothing.

Special shout out to Alexis Devine of Squirrel Vs. Coyote for the amazing pieces, harnesses, jewelry and sticking it to the patriarch with her message of female power.

Shit we bought!

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