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Episode 44 – Oh hey, you’re engaged.

by beautytipsandbs
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

It’s Bridal Beauty, y’all!

Anne and Kat give it to you straight. With almost 34 years of Bridal Beauty industry under their belts, they know what to expect. They’ll go over what to look for when looking for Bridal artists, and of course, Bridal Beauty Tips! Let’s keep it short and sweet – PLAN FARTHER IN ADVANCE. Magazines will tell you to book your Bridal Beauty 3-6 months before your wedding day, and that’s just going to put you in a tough spot.

If you are looking for a makeup artist for your Bridal Styling on your wedding day, that should be on the list of vendors you book FIRST! Most highly sought after Makeup & Bridal Stylists book almost one to two years out.
Listen to the Bridal Beauty Episode from last May with an even more broken down planning agenda.

Skin care should be on the very top of your beauty priority list. Something Kat discovered may help shake up your routine.


These Essence Flash Edition Hyaluronic Pre Treatment wipes is hydration in a wipe. Great for a person who is on the go, travels for work, or if youre going for an overnight. Kat is particularly excited to use these on her commercial clients. Anne made a solid point about this being great for flights or when you’re traveling and getting “recycled air” skin. Flying is notorious for drying out your face. Feeling lethargic and need a quick pick me up? Bust out your face wipes!

All Purpose Healing Balm?

Anne is on a mission to find a skincare line to reign in her redness and dry skin. Dr. Rogers Restore Healing balm can be used in lieu paw paw cream or ointment (like Aquaphor), good for your hands (cuticles) and/ or used on your face at night.


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